Thursday, October 22, 2009

Attached to your cell phone? has announced that a watch which coincides with your Blackberry phone is coming to the market. Do we really need another watch? Maybe not, but this is not just a watch, and you may find it to be of use to you.

While sitting in meetings, for example, or riding your bike, it is difficult and rude at times to pull out your phone. This is where the watch comes in handy. It is not a “watch phone” as LG tried to create, and cannot send messages. It is all about receiving, not replacing the Blackberry, but allowing you to preview messages and missed calls, then decide if you need to pull out the phone to reply that minute, or maybe wait.

I find this especially good for business people who do not want to be rude in a meeting, but need constant updates from the home office, or even for emergencies. Anyone who does not have their phone with them while exercising or whoever is literally “on-the-go” will definitely find this useful. It may, perhaps, take care of the issue surrounding texting and calling while driving.

It is difficult to speculate as this has not even been released yet, and did not know of its actual release until yesterday at 2 p.m. According to the photos they were sent, they speculate that it will be called the inPulse.

A third-party Blackberry accessory manufacturer is selling the watch. Although the Blackberry name will not be on it, it is for use exclusively with Blackberry phones as of now. Techies hope that soon after it is available and released, the manufacturers will open it up to other devices and applications such as Facebook.

Read’s announcement and see an image of the watch here:

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