Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bob Rios, a local graphic designer

On Thursday, October 22nd, local graphic designer Bob Rios came to have a conversation with the Digital Communications majors here at LVC.

Bob Rios has been a freelance designer in Lebanon county for six years. Originally from Philadelphia, he graduated from the Philadelphia Art Institute in 1991. He works with local businesses to revamp their advertising publications and schemes through his visual communication and graphic design skills. He has worked for many local companies including The Nieman Group, Laudermilk Meats, and G.F. Bowman.

I asked Bob about what it was like to graduate in 1991 and have to deal with all the changes in technology for his job, which is an issue for all graphic designers due to the ever-changing software that comes out.

In this video, he explains how he watched the computer change into a tool for advertising and design in the 90's and how staying local may allow for a fulfilling career.

Visit BobRios.com to see some of his work.

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