Thursday, October 1, 2009

A job opportunity in a niche mobile technology market

Just when we believed we were at the worst stage of being attached to our cell phones, Apple introduced the iPhone. They began with the basics and, once they'd added the necessary applications, thought of the "app". If we have a built-in, default alarm clock, why can’t we create a simple application which can utilize the iPhone’s WiFi and download your choice of an alarm clock? Not just any alarm clock, but one where you can choose your own alarm from a library of "tranquil" sounds such as wind chimes or ocean waves?

Even better, let's charge $.99 per download. Everyone wants a tranquil sounding alarm clock, especially for $.99.

Instead of going "bigger and better", we are simply going "smaller and better". This is a mobile, internet-connected, call and email receiving, hand-held machine. This is also rapidly becoming a successful niche-market business; cell phone sales are down, but smart phone sales are up.

Phone applications, more lovingly known as "apps" is where the newest job boom will occur, announced the September 23, 2009 edition of USA Today.

And, you don’t have to be “tech savvy” to get in on this. Just think of an idea for an app! If you invest a mere $99 fee in order to create, test and distribute an application, you are on your way. It may be worth the chance of hundreds of dollars a day—for life. There are about 66,000 independent developers of iPhone apps who are cashing in on the $343 billion consumers spent on them this year alone. In 2013, this number is expected to rise to $4.2 billion. The average smart phone user downloads about 20 apps per year.

See this story about locals in Bethesda, MD hoping to share in this niche market:

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