Friday, October 9, 2009

Upgrade me

Speaking of technology becoming outdated, Windows is releasing Windows 7 this month. October 22nd is when Windows can finally try to redeem Windows Vista.

But, just think, Windows put XP on the shelves in 2001. They updated to Vista in 2007. Now Windows 7 will be available. The first upgrade took six years, and, although the dissatisfaction with Vista was high, this time the upgrade took two years.

Again, should we even buy new laptops? I will personally need to purchase one after graduation and it will have Windows 7 on it by then, but when will the new Windows be out? True, the price to upgrade is only over a hundred dollars but will this upgrading ever get annoying? Maybe not. People love the craze that an upgrade creates. You must get the newer and better. No excuses.

Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade will cost $119.99 compared to the current Vista price of $129.99. The new package costs $199.99, while Vista costs $239.99 now.

So, that is the good news. Upgrading is not going to cease, but upgrade prices seem to come down in most sectors.

If you go to you can take a virtual tour of what “7” will look like and how it will make using your computer for everyday things “simpler and easier”. We hope, Microsoft.

To Mac users, I hope you enjoy your $29 upgrade from Mac OS X Leopard to Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

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