Thursday, October 15, 2009

Facebook poll results

My poll has closed. Only 11 people voted, so I hope for more votes for the next one!

The results are that four of these 11 people keep Facebook up in the background of their computer constantly. I can only assume these people are students.

I have found myself combatting a "Facebook addiction" since freshman year and it only gets worse as time goes on. Facebook has never been more popular and it is not slowing down. As I've written before, Facebook now spans the globe and includes all generations and cultures. It is incredible. I believe even more so than Myspace, which has suffered much defeat since 2004.

Not only are students distracted by Facebook on their laptops or desktops, while trying to finish a paper or any homework assignment, but we are now able to access Facebook on any new cell phone or iPod touch, almost everywhere.

As many students can probably sympathize, I find myself typing that site into my browser more than any other, possibly more than my Gmail. I know it is ridiculous, but it is a true addiction and very difficult to put my foot down and get to work. I could spend hours jumping from person to person through mutual friends and wall posts, and on and on. It is almost mind numbing, and that is what is needed sometimes for students. "Distractions welcome...oh, hello, Facebook."

I must applaud the three out of 11 people who log onto Facebook 0-1 hours per day. I assume it's just not "your thing". For those of you who actually struggle with the Facebook addiction and absolutely cannot get your work done, Naomi Rockler-Gladen writes an article telling students that we "should not overestimate [our] multi-tasking skills." When you're on Facebook or texing a friend, you really can't listen to that professor or write that paper in a decent fashion.

"To combat Facebook and MySpace addiction, try enforcing some rules on yourself. Limit the amount of time you allow yourself to use your account. Perhaps you can use a Facebook visit as a reward for finishing that long reading assignment. If you really can't resist, consider disabling your account during finals week and other busy times."

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